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Time schedule

přidáno: 11. 12. 2016 9:32, autor: Pavel Hodál   [ Aktualizováno 13. 12. 2016 0:01 uživatelem Kateřina Janu ]
  • A1 http://sport-unites.bakalka.cz/, eTwinning platform Sport Unites
  • A2 Presentations of famous sportsmen from Brno and its surrounding – November
  • A3 Presentations of famous sportsmen from Leipzig and its surrounding – November
  • A4 Videochat about sport – January (before mobility)
  • popular sports - ranking, plus finding out diversity in both cities, historical, cultural and social justification – February
  • A5 Photoreportage – sport achievments of students from both schools dividend into individual and team sports - May
  • Reportage – sporting maturity of the cities, material capabilities and facilities of the cities (region) and schools – May
  • A6 list of the most popular sports in schools, simplified rules, achievments of those sports at school´s competitions, best school players/ athletes - April
  • A7 mascot – January
  • A8 cheerleaders – part of the match January and June
  • A9 sports anthem – part of the match January and June
  • A10 time schedule of exchanges and time schedule of activities January, June, December, May
  • A11 online questionnaire rule sof – Code of a good fan
  • A12 virtual city tour – Leipzig January, Brno June
  • A13 trips – using modern GPS applications
  • A14 processing data from the trips
  • A15 preparation of the final meeting
  • A16 day of the host country, presentations of national and regional specifics, refresment prepared by students, quiz, workshop
  • A17 dictionary of a teenager
  • Exchange visits
  • C1 January 22nd to 27th, 2017 Leipzig
  • C2 June 5th to 10th, 2017 Brno