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German students in Brno. Third mobility.

přidáno: 18. 2. 2018 10:37, autor: Kateřina Janu
During the week from 14th to 19th January, students from the partner school in Leipzig visited Bakalka. The exchange programme was attended by 11 pupils from Brno and 11 pupils from Leipzig. Students from Germany were accommodated in the students´ families. Throughout the week, they met their "new" family, were introduced Bakalka school, and the city of Brno. The communication language of the entire two-year project is English,  sometimes German has also been used so the communication skills of all pupils have developed.
On Monday, we met and played various Icebreak games, tour guided our school, and introduced Greman students the beauties of our country through presentations. We then tested our knowledge in Bingo game. In the evening, we ice-skated at Jost's skating rink.
Tuesday morning we spent in Kohoutovice in the center of Lata on the "Brno Exhibition Center" program. As part of the program, we learned a lot about the Brno Exhibition Center and also filmed an advertisement for a project we planned by ourselves, which included the Czech Republic and Germany. We finished the day at the bowling where we had lots of fun and ate excellent pancakes.
Wednesday was focused on knowing our hometown. We had the opportunity to visit Villa Tugendhat and after lunch we went to the city center and showed guests the most important sights of Brno including the Brno underground. We finished this beautiful day with a cultural experience at the Primary School of Veveří.
On Thursday we went for a day trip to the south of Moravia with a stop at the Moravia Aquapark. After returning, we prepared a farewell party at  school where we enjoyed a lot of fun. Among other things, we sang karaoke and had great pizzas.
The last day we played a team game where we were forced to communicate and cooperate a lot. We all enjoyed our week and none of us wanted to say goodbye to our new  German friends.
This week was really amazing and filled with interesting and exciting activities that we could share with our German friends. We hope that German students enjoyed the mobility and that they will remember very nice memories from Brno. We are all looking forward to meeting again and spending a similarly interesting week in Leipzig in June.