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přidáno: 12. 11. 2017 4:48, autor: Kateřina Janu

1.      Support and cheer for your team.

2.      Only use positive cheers that support the teams involved.

3.      Applaud the players for their efforts.

4.      Respect the efforts of the other team.

5.      Respect other spectators.

6.      Don’t be rude to fans of your team or the other team.

7.      Don’t be rude to players, officials or referees..

8.      Accept the decisions of the officials or referees..

9.      Learn the rules of the sport so that you understand what happens in the game.

10.   Don’t confuse the players by trying to coach from the stands, leave the coaching to the coach.

11.   If you are at a match for children remember they play for their own enjoyment and are not there to entertain you.

12.   Encourage children to play by the rules.

13.   Don’t be mean to a child for making a mistake.

14.   Don’t bring weapons, guns, firework , alcohol, drugs to the match.

15.   Do not use violence in any way.  

16.   A good fan should have a piece or two of clothes, which match the team colours. A scarf, a sportsdress, a cap.

17.   Support your team also as a passive spectator, at home, in a pub…

18.   Follow your team on the social network.

19.   Enjoy the game free from any violence and thrown objects.

20.   Avoid incidents not only in the stadium, but in the parking space and outside the stadium.

21.   Avoid from any activities that damage the reputation of  the team.

22. Be proud of the team.